How to hire the right person for your company

Silvia Banchetti

How to hire the right person for your company

Our senior consultant Silvia Banchetti reveals her approach to recruitment!

« Last week I talked about « how to hire the right person for your company » on OSM International’s Facebook platform.
I had the pleasure to bring to the attention of the entrepreneurs and managers a specific point of view of personnel recruitment: selection not as an emergency activity but as a strategic activity of the company.
Have you ever thought that recruiting could be the lever for the expansion of the company? Or are you of the idea that it is necessary to open a vacancy when you just can’t do without it, when you are in emergency because someone has left the company?
In reality, a recruiting process should not be the equivalent of plugging a leak, but should be a strategically planned process.
A new resource in the company should be someone who solves problems for us, someone who makes possible a project so far left only on paper, someone who makes us think « yes, it can be done ».
Where does this approach start? As always, as in any area of personal growth… it starts with US.
Are we sure we don’t have « virus ideas » that make us approach the recruiting process in the wrong way?
The virus ideas are at least 6, for now let’s see together the first one: we think that the purpose of recruiting is to look for the perfect person.
Of course, isn’t it? I am the owner of the company, so I have to look for someone who is exactly like me.
Who faces situations and difficulties as I would face them, who has the same qualities as me, in short someone who becomes my perfect alter ego.
Or I’m looking for a salesman, and the best salesman in the company is Marc: here’s how to do it! I have to look for Marc’s clone! v
Do you know what this approach leads to? It leads to dwell on everything that’s wrong with the candidates, to discard all the curricula and then … find ourselves in emergency, forced to choose the least worse because we have no more time.
And this will heavily affect the cost of the non-quality of our company (this very important aspect – the cost of non-quality – will be seen in one of the next articles).

What to do then? Approach the selection in an open-minded way, keep in mind that a person applying for my company is a world to discover, and consider that their particular attitude, which could be unexpected and so far from what I expected… may be an element of richness of my company expertise.

If I am not sure whether an attitude is disruptive but enriching for my company or just off-center, the tool of I-Profile analysis is the perfect answer to uncertainties. »